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Level 1 Neck Exercises

Level 1 Neck Exercises Chin Tuck: Stage 1: Supine, (sitting or standing if unable to tolerate supine) Gently tuck chin to chest (25% of the way down) hold :10 rest :10 Repeat 8-10 times Once this becomes easier... Stage 2: (not shown) Maintain 25% tuck...then push tongue behind upper front teeth into hard palate De-load

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Level 1 Thoracic Exercises

Level 1 Thoracic Exercises I use these releases for a very angry mid back/shoulder blade area as they are less intense and if done correctly do provide relief. Peanut Release: Stand against a wall with the Peanut placed on the shoulder blade area and the ball parts either side of the spine. You can place

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Level 2 Thoracic Exercises

Level 2 Thoracic Exercises  You can still use all the stretches and exercises from level 1, I have just added a few progressions or new exercises, so that we can start releasing around the thoracic area and start into the shoulder complex. Like I said before its about gradual releases and progressions that will benefit

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Level 3 Thoracic Exercises

Level 3 Thoracic Exercises Before commencing any of these exercises, you should have already done 15mins of release work to your key areas and some core activation work! Banded Pull Apart:    Stand with the arms in front of you and holding a band between your hands. Then set posture, 'shoulders back and down'. With

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Method for Active Release Work

Method for Active Release Work If you have never done any active release work before, don't worry! It's a good time to start now. Firstly I want to explain why we give you release work in the first place. The whole idea is to draw a blood supply to the 'tight areas' which are called

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Core Exercises

Core Exercises   Core Activation: I believe that a lot of practitioners and PT's do not dedicate enough time to core. Firstly, it is time consuming and the results are slow and secondly, I think that they do not educate enough on the difference between utilising/engaging the core and using your abs. I was 100%

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