Level 1 Neck Exercises

Chin Tuck:

Stage 1: Supine, (sitting or standing if unable to tolerate supine)

Gently tuck chin to chest (25% of the way down)

hold :10

rest :10

Repeat 8-10 times

Once this becomes easier…

Stage 2: (not shown)

Maintain 25% tuck…then

push tongue behind upper front teeth into hard palate

De-load the weight of your head from the table by approximately 5% and maintain 25% tuck with 5% de-load.

Hold 5-10 sec

Rest 10 sec

Perform 6-10 cycles (fatigue dependent)

Sub-occipital release:

Tape 2 tennis balls together or use a peanut.

Place the peanut at the base of your skull while lying on your back with your knees bent.

Tuck a small hand towel between the peanut and your upper back to keep the peanut from sliding.

Hold the position until you feel the tension start to ease.

(If unable to lie supine, can do sitting trap stretch with rotation or use the theracane) 

Upper trap Stretch:

Sit in a chair and grasp the seat with your affected hand to lower your shoulder.

Tilt your head to the opposite side while tucking in your chin and flexing the neck as to look at your toes. You may also place your other hand on your head and pull it down until a stretch is felt on top of the shoulder.

Maintain the stretch for 20 secs and relax. Repeat 3 times.

Can also give ROM exercises and PACman release work into UFT with rotn/SF.