Level 2 Thoracic Exercises 

You can still use all the stretches and exercises from level 1, I have just added a few progressions or new exercises, so that we can start releasing around the thoracic area and start into the shoulder complex. Like I said before its about gradual releases and progressions that will benefit you best.

Peanut with Front Raises:

Lie on your back with the Peanut placed across the upper back/shoulder blade area. Find the spot and then gently lift both arms overhead and back down for 2 sets of 10 reps.

(If unable to tolerate in supine, can do in standing against the wall)

Pectoral Release:

Place the ball on the edge of the chest and the armpit (coming off the acromion). Lean towards a corner of a wall or post. With your opposite hand firmly hold the ball in place. Pressure should feel a 5-6/10. Make sure you breath through out. Once comfortable you can add a floss, with the arm on the releasing side, lift your arms up and down keeping the elbows straight. If adding a floss, do 2 sets of 10 reps.

Lats Release:

Give yourself a hug on the side you would like to release. Start standing next to a wall and place a ball under your armpit on your lats.

Roll your body forward and back until you find a tight area of the lat muscle.

Hold the release until you feel the 5-6/10 pressure release, then move on and find another spot. Remember to breath through out the release.

Scap Release:

Lie on your back and position a Lacrosse ball right under your shoulder blade and massage the region on top of your shoulder blade.

Rotate your arm in a big circle on the ground then protract the shoulder blade (pushing motion)

Repeat the sequence 2-3 times

(can do in standing if unable to tolerate supine lying)

Incline Prone posture set:

Stage 1:

Lay face down on a workout bench with slight incline. Let your arms hang at 90° from the body with the elbows straight.

Pull your shoulder blades back 20% and down 100%. (Back towards the spine, down towards the hips)

Tuck your chin in. (Like you would close a draw)

Hold for 10secs and then rest for 10secs

Stage 2:

Same starting position as stage 1, then slowly extend into the “T” and “Y” positions, maintaining the scapular position on the way back down.

Do 10 reps each position. Can reset posture and continue reps at any time.

Stage 3:

Same starting position as level 1. Then take a 5kg weight in with hands and do an ‘incline row’. The easy part will be pulling towards you, the difficult part is maintaining the scapula and shoulder positions on the way back down. 2x 15 reps

  • Progression would be to build up weight and reps

Posture ‘Y’ and ‘W’:

Stand away from a wall, preferably in front of a mirror

Keep knees soft, low back neutral and core engaged.

First, set posture “shoulder blades back and down” Reach your arms up, lock out your elbows and keep hands wide (Y)

Then slide elbows in your back pockets, hands to shoulders, setting your shoulder blades down (W)

Even on downward movement, emphasise the shoulder blades back and down.

Thoracic extensions and rotation:
 Don’t let the lower back arch too much and don’t allow your ribs to flare.

Start on all fours and place one hand on the side of the head with the elbow elevated.

Lift the elbow up and behind while you rotate in the thoracic region. The head will follow the spine as you induce rotation.

Lower the elbow and try to reach across under the body.

Keep the core engaged and the lumbar region still during the movement. Focus on the thoracic part of the spine.